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Production-Ready Code – In a Single Click

Backed by 35+ years of trusted UI components and a full suite of high-performance data grids and data charts, built by developers for developers.

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App Builder Movie Sample App with Blazor Ready Code

Build Apps with High-Speed RAD

Deliver apps with a beautiful, differentiating user experience and generate production-ready code in a single click for faster app development.

WYSIWYG Drag and Drop Tool

Eliminate the complexity of user interface design and development to build apps in a fraction of the time compared to hand-coding.

Generate Code in a Single Click

Get a pixel perfect representation of what you build – instantly convert designs into production-ready code for Angular, Blazor or Web Components.

60+ Enterprise Grade UI Controls

Providing a toolbox of all the controls you need to kick-start your next project, including the fastest grids and charts on the market.

Data Binding and OpenAPI

  • Connect to any REST data source and light up your design with data that matters with Swagger UI Support and Localhost data access

  • Added data sources are placed in the data toolbox and users can expand/collapse each data source in order to see the included tables and selected fields

Set Up REST API Datasource with App Builder

Instant Real-Time Preview

  • Preview and see your application’s source code in real-time while you are building it

  • Quickly and easily generate production-ready code, upload it to a GitHub repository, run it in Visual Studio Code or your favorite IDE

  • Experience your app as your customers will — instantly

App Builder Inventory Managment Sample App with Angular Code and Publish to Github


Investing in low-code becomes a force multiplier, offers more value to customers, increases customer satisfaction, and drives more revenue.

Build Future Proof Apps

Navigation with Route Parameters, Dependent Variables & More

Navigation with Route Parameters, Dependent Variables & More

Our low-code App Builder just got better with the latest improvements. Try Navigation with Route Parameters, Dependent Variables, and other enhancements.

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Financial Chart, Variables Management UI, and More

Financial Chart, Variables Management UI, and More

A new component has been added to the App Builder Toolbox – Financial Chart, a composite visualization chart that renders stock ticker data, or price data in an interactive time-series display.

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Getting Started with App Builder Grid Column Templates

Getting Started with App Builder Grid Column Templates

In this App Builder how-to tutorial on Column Templates, we will demonstrate how to handle similar things and go from a basic grid to a grid with templates – a display template.

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