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Kickstart Your Development Journey in
React with Low Code

Generate production-ready code for a high-performant React application.

See App Builder in Action Book a Demo
React Code Generation Example in App Builder with Components Panel

Optimized Code for the Fastest Performance

Achieve seamless functionality with significantly fewer lines of React code. Eliminate error prone hand-coding and reduce your workload so you can deliver feature-rich applications faster than ever.

Optimized React Code with App Builder vs Long Hand Code to Reduce Workload

Code Less, Create More

Empowering developers of any skill level to create stunning React apps with a drag & drop interface that provides the means/properties, to configure whatever you want, with ease. With a complete toolbox of 65+ UI components – including the fastest grids and charts.

App Builder React App with Drag and Drop Feature with 65+ UI Components

Instant React Code Generation

Generate production-ready code for a high-performant React application.

React App in App Builder with Side-by-Side App Preview and Code

Every Data and Interaction Feature You Need

Transform complex coding tasks into seamless, visually driven experiences. With the features every customer expects, data entry, full CRUD operations, master-details, local & global variables, routing and route parameters and more.

Inventory Management React App in App Builder with Global Variable Feature

Frequently Asked Questions

Angular code generation is the process of automatically generating boilerplate code for Angular projects, enabling developers to create applications more efficiently. The generated output is typically in an editable and production-ready format, allowing developers to make modifications. Once the code is compiled into JavaScript or HTML, it runs in all web browsers.

Using App Builder as your Angular code generation platform offers several benefits and two of the biggest code generation advantages are increased productivity and faster time to market. But here are some more:

  • Maintaining consistency across the entire project since the generated code follows best practices while promoting standardization.

  • Scalability and ability to add new features and extend existing functionality without compromising the quality of the code or app logic. This way the app can grow along with new requirements and changes.

  • Saving time and resources as developers don’t have to write the code from scratch and the code that is generated for one framework can be switched to another in a click.

  • Providing a visual interface and pre-built components that reduce the need for manual and error-prone coding in areas like screen design, UX flows, theming and branding, data binding, deployment, and GitHub integration. This way developers with different levels of expertise can build applications with ease.

  • A proven single solution for the design and development department and fusion teams, building apps with a single code base.

  • Simplifying the entire design-to-code story, there is no need for designer-developer handoffs, time-consuming POCs, and costly iterations.

  • Providing instant Code Generation and Code Preview side by side with the app to inspect the app logic, Angular syntax, and more.

In App Builder, you can download the code generated as a Standalone or Modular app that best fits your needs or project. You can preview and compare both codes before exporting.

Yes, with App Builder for Angular you can go from a Modular app to a Standalone app, having a single, cohesive application structure for the standalone app. Once you inspect the code and make sure the standalone app functions as it should be, you can deploy it to the desired environment.

Customizing the generated code can happen quickly and easily. App Builder enables you to customize the code in the platform only upon code generated app.

There is the ability to integrate a Sketch or Figma design file and convert it to production-ready code for Angular, Blazor, and Web Components (soon for React). Drag a Sketch file into the “Create from existing design” drop area. If you want to generate code from a Figma design, then you will have to use the Figma Plugin.

While anyone can start using App Builder, there still may be some crucial things and steps you will have to go through. Thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, pre-built components that are easy to customize, and different learning resources (comprehensive documentation, video tutorials, how-to guides, and support teams), learning how to use our low-code tool is simple and fast.

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