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License Agreement 

Infragistics is bound by the following software license agreements: 

Software License Agreement – Enterprise Mobility 

Review the agreement for Enterprise Mobility 

Software License Agreement – Infragistics SharePoint 

Review the agreement for Infragistics SharePoint 

Software License Agreement – Test Automation 

Review the agreement for Test Automation for Windows Forms and WPF 

Software License Agreement – Infragistics ICONS 

Review the agreement for Infragistics ICONS. 

Software License Agreement – Indigo.Design and Indigo Studio 

Review the agreement for Indigo Studio 

Software License Agreement – Ultimate 

For products in the Infragistics Ultimate toolset (currently shipping or retired products), including ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF, Silverlight, Ignite UI (including Ignite UI for jQuery, Ignite UI for Angular, Ignite UI for React, Ignite UI for Web Components, Ignite UI for ASP.NET Core, Ignite UI for ASP.NET MVC, Ignite UI for Blazor), Reporting, Windows Phone, LightSwitch, UWP, Xamarin, iOS (NucliOS) and Android. This Software License Agreement DOES NOT cover the SharePoint, SharePlus, ReportPlus, Reveal, Indigo Studio, Indigo.Design, Icons or Automated Testing products. 

Review the agreement for Infragistics Ultimate. 
Review the agreement (UK / EMEA) for Infragistics Ultimate. 
Revise el acuerdo de Infragistics Ultimate en español.