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Design and Build Apps Blazing Fast

Craft high-functioning apps without the need for tedious hand-coding. App Builder is a low-code, WYSIWYG tool that eliminates the complexity of the entire design-development process.

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Accelerate the Way You Design,
Test, and Build Apps

Build Apps up to 10x Faster

With App Builder, your team gets a single working environment. Managers, designers, and developers are not forced to use multiple tools to manage the single source of truth during the design process. Eliminating silos and reducing friction, miscommunication and expensive errors that usually occur in handoffs.

100% Cloud-based WYSIWYG

Design and complete business apps faster than ever before with a cloud-based drag & drop tool. Compatible with popular design tools like Sketch and Figma, there is no need to download anything, no heavy IDEs, and no 3rd party dependencies to build apps blazing fast.

Complete Templates & Starter Layouts

Hit the ground running with one of our pre-built app templates or use one of our preset layout options to build your app in no time. Allowing managers to quickly sketch ideas in a common program early on to give guidance on app direction. Just tweak our design, swap a theme and you are done!

Instant Real-Time Preview

Preview and see your application’s source code in real-time while you are building it. Then, when you are ready, quickly and easily generate production-ready code and upload it to a GitHub repository or run it in Visual Studio Code or your favorite IDE. Feel the interactions, see how it looks, and experience your app as your customers will — instantly.


Investing in low-code becomes a force multiplier, offers more value to customers, increases customer satisfaction, and drives more revenue.

Build Future Proof Apps

Learn More About App Builder On-Prem and Embed

Need An On-Premise Solution?

Every great feature and functionality of our App Builder brought to you in an on-premise version to be deployed in your local network, behind your firewalls, for the most security conscious organizations.

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Scaling Embedded Integration

Incorporate services, APIs, and even modules from external sources. All while eliminating the need for error-prone manual coding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

App Builder is a web-based WYSIWYG design tool to speed up the development of modern web applications. It offers a toolbox of 60+ UI components and a design surface to build UIs. Using this, you can create individual screens, or your complete application UX. App Builder also includes essential app building features like data binding, grid CRUD, themes, and more.

The low-code App Builder platform reduces the time needed to build out UI/UX and eliminates error-prone hand coding and repetitive manual tasks by delivering a visual integrated development environment (IDE), connectors to various backends or services, an application life cycle manager and an integrated design-to-code system. Providing all the necessary components and reusable building blocks, our drag-and-drop web app builder enables citizen developers to assemble full-featured prototypes and get a live preview of the code behind it. While experienced developers can focus on the business logic of enterprise apps. Using App Builder, developers don’t have to worry about HTML/CSS, scalability, coding rules, page layout, branding, or screen sizes. There is a toolbox and UI controls that cover everything from design to code and generate production-ready code in Angular and Blazor. With Master View, users can quickly get back to the created pages and click to easily see how the app is turning out. Then, with a single button they can save the app as a zip file or publish it to GitHub.

A drag-and-drop app builder experience is defined by its intuitive WYSIWYG interface and rapid application development (RAD), allowing users to create applications by simply dragging and dropping pre-built, reusable components and elements on a design surface and then configure properties. Most components come with built-in presets to support common usage scenarios. These presets encapsulate design best practices for consistent designs out-of-the-box. You can also select from pre-built applications and layout templates to get started with a functional app shell. This lets you create the UI faster than having to learn platform-specific programming knowledge.

Our WYSIWYG low-code App Builder streamlines everything from design to code. It is crafted for businesses of all sizes so they can cut development time by up to 80% and build modern-day software solutions faster. Most of the components arrive with built-in presets to support common usage scenarios. There are also samples and layout templates that developers can get started with. Both IT professionals and programmers with little coding experience can build apps without having to write code line by line. Instead, they rely on a comprehensive library of UI controls, reusable drag-and-drop components, pre-built app templates, and additional options for customization and branding. Also included: code generation and real-time code preview, App Variables, Navigation, Rest API usage, cross-platform accessibility and democratizes app development, making it easier to work on outsourced projects and with “citizen developers”, comprehensive data engineering capabilities for facilitated business Intelligence strategies.

App Builder democratizes app development in a way that makes it accessible and suitable for a wide range of users. As it facilitates and streamlines anything from design to code, our low-code tool empowers developers, designers, CIOs, development leaders, enterprise architects, and other stakeholders to build scalable solutions, effective development processes, and successful software business.

No. App Builder does not require previous experience with low code to get started. Because of its intuitive and user-friendly interface, developers with different backgrounds and expertise can use the tool to build feature-packed business applications faster than ever before.

App Builder enables developers to build anything from screens to fully-functional enterprise applications and convert Sketch to code and Figma designs to applications. Users can craft various types of applications across all industries and different purposes: e-commerce apps, financial based apps, dashboards using Reveal BI dashboard component, CRM apps, learning portals, HR dashboards, entertainment and movie apps, apps for task management, and more.

In-app-builder editing of code is not possible. The way developers are enabled to customize the code in App Builder platform is only on code generated app.

Yes, you can easily add, edit, and use any data source (Rest API) you need in the dynamic apps you create. There’s no need to rely on predefined datasets anymore. You can set up any data input and benefit from integration with different sources: databases, spreadsheets, APIs.

Our low-code App Builder platform serves as a single source of truth where fusion teams and stakeholders can collaborate more effectively. For example, people can transfer their apps in a shared workspace with App Builder’s quick share capabilities, receive notifications for updates in the given project, benefit from app share and preview, and more. If you are not a license owner of App Builder, such apps can still be shared with you and you can interact with it.

App builder is Platform as a service and it follows the Agile release planning that helps us plan release cycles effectively. This way we can deliver new features and functionalities in a timely manner.

The only restrictions are in terms of time and editing. 14 days after you start using App Builder, you will see a dialogue informing you that you no longer have the right to edit or do anything within the platform.

We do everything to help App Builder users in their app development journey. That’s why we’ve prepared a comprehensive documentation to help you get started, different learning resources like how-to-guides, tutorials, step-by-step videos, and a support team that is always ready to provide the assistance you need. Also, if you have already purchased App Builder, you also have Salesforce customer support (Priority).