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Unveiling the Power of App Builder + Reveal at Solution Spotlight

Unveiling the Power of App Builder + Reveal at Solution Spotlight

The Solution Spotlight Series included a session with Jason Beres (Sr. VP of Developer Tools) who shed light on the successful digital transformation with two low-code tools – App Builder and Reveal BI. 

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Everyone wants to craft amazing experiences within their data-rich apps, but that starts with using the right tools to build them in the first place. Is there a way, though, to develop end-to-end solutions with beautiful UX, interactions, theming, data binding, self-service dashboards, and BI in minutes vs. weeks or months of tedious and error-prone hand-coding?

Yes, there is. This happens by harnessing the immense potential of low code and using it to create next-generation apps. And who would be better to guide you through this journey than our Sr. VP of Development Tools, Jason Berres? He elaborated on this in the Solution Spotlight show.

In Brief: What Is Solution Spotlight?

The Solution Spotlight Series is part of Solution Review – a hub for the latest technology news, case study webinars, panel discussions, best practices, and industry events. The series itself represents exclusive webinar events for different experts in the enterprise technology field. The first event aired back in 2020, but ever since then, the collection of this type of events has kept accumulating and generating more and more interest.

Fast-forwarding to October 2023, The Solution Spotlight Series included a session with Jason Beres who shed light on the successful digital transformation with two low-code tools – App Builder and Reveal BI. This is not the first time he has been featured on Solution Review. As part of Solutions Review’s Contributed Content Series—our SVP of Developer Tools shared his thoughts on the future of low-code technology and whether it could replace developers – another interesting piece to read.

But What Were the Highlights of the Topic Jason Discussed?

The transformative power of low-code for building better applications

In this part of his presentation, Jason Beres focused on what it means for developers and the problems it solves.

After all, no one likes to spend an excessive amount of time writing repetitive code over and over again for different projects when, in fact, the process can be accelerated. Or when development teams lack the tools to tackle mundane tasks – like manually adding a Button component across the board. How can this tooling help and give a competitive edge at the same time, coupled with high-quality code and stunning UX?

Well, this is possible App Builder that:

  • Removes error-prone hand-coding
  • Turns design files into data-rich apps
  • Saves 80% of developers time on the UI and UX design of their app screens
  • Allows for seamless Data Binding, Navigation, and Theming
  • Ensures component and feature parity across Angular, Blazor, Web Components
  • Adds Code Preview + Code Generation capabilities triggered in a single click

What’s the role of business intelligence solutions and embedded analytics in app development

Here, Jason explained what benefits developers will have if they use Reveal BI in the process.

  • Allows for building simple and beautiful user experiences in dashboards + data visualizations
  • It can be used in any JavaScript framework (like React, Angular, Vue JS, Web Components, or Blazor), Windows Forms, or WPF applications
  • Developers can customize dashboards to meet unique requirements
  • Connect to almost any data source to populate your dashboards
  • Deploy to any cloud – public or private – or your own on-premises servers in a Java, ASP.NET, or Node.js backend
  • Helps end-users adopt and engage with the analytics

And Now the Two Pieces Coming Together: App Builder + Reveal BI in Action

Unveiling the Power of App Builder + Reveal at Solution Spotlight

The combination of App Builder and Reveal BI Dashboards becomes a dynamic duo transforming how developers craft solutions today. These two powerful tools streamline the development process and empower developers to create robust, data-driven applications 80% faster than before.

So, on the one hand, developers and teams have a low-code app-building platform that can turn design files into clean Angular, Blazor, and Web Components code in a click while enabling things like the use of real UI components, data binding, grid CRUD operations, Swagger support, and more. And then on the other hand, users now have a Reveal Dashboard integrated into the App Builder Toolbox. You can use it and specify your URL to the Reveal Server SDK hosting your data. When the Reveal Dashboard is loaded, you can specify a Dashboard name out of the four available options – Marketing, Sales, Campaigns, and Manufacturing. 

Wrap Up…     

To see all this in action, watch this demo showcasing the power of App Builder + Reveal.

And if you want to learn about all the benefits of the two tools working together in detail, go and see the full session of Jason Beres at Solutions Review. There are more examples, demos, and use cases.

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