Master-Detail Style Apps with Variables & Events

    Initially, this feature was planned to follow the basics of the Master-detail design interface. But it evolved into something much more. We are all familiar with the essence of the Master-detail pattern, it is a way to present a list of records and enable the user to manage them with ease. It usually comprises two views - One is the master list of records and the other is used to display extended data about a single record.

    Master-detail example

    Key Elements of the Master-Detail Pattern in App Builder

    The new feature covers these key elements established by the Master-detail pattern:

    • Primary Pane: This area displays a list of items or triggers that initiate the loading of other app components.
    • Details Pane: It shows detailed information about the item selected in the Primary pane, utilizing various interactive components.
    • Interactions: These define how the master list and detail views interact, including context, drill-downs, and pop-ups.

    Master-detail AB Preview

    Implementing Master-Detail Scenarios

    To create master-detail scenarios in App Builder, we integrate several features:

    Variables Management Topic

    Unlock the full potential of your app by diving into Variables Management. Learn how to effectively manage and utilize both global and local variables for enhanced data flow and interactivity.

    Component Properties Binding

    Enhance your app's data binding and user experience by exploring Component Properties Binding. Discover how to bind component properties to your data for dynamic and interactive UIs.

    URL Parameters Binding

    Delve into URL Parameters Binding to learn how to perform data fetching. Learn how to use URL parameters for efficient data requests and repeaters in your applications.

    Working with Events and Actions

    Get hands-on with interactive UI design by checking out Working with Events and Actions. Understand how to harness events and actions in App Builder for creating engaging and dynamic user interfaces.

    Known Issues and Limitations

    • URL/Query Params: Currently, non-swagger URL/Query Params are not supported for data loading.
    • Grid Templating: Variables in Grid templating are not yet supported but are planned for the next release.
    • Data Binding Limitations: Binding to repeated data of a single object and an array of primitives is not supported.
    • Combo Component Specifics: Multi-selection mode with valueKey requires handling an array of primitives, which is not yet supported.
    • Required Parameters: Leaving a required parameter empty is allowed, but it may lead to compilation errors.


    • Master-detail UI Design: Master-detail patterns in App Builder allow for the creation of dynamic and user-friendly interfaces.
    • Advanced Data Handling: Integration of variables, events, and data binding enables sophisticated data management.
    • Interactive Components: Utilizing different components enhances the interactivity and functionality of the application.
    • Awareness of Limitations: Understanding current limitations helps in planning and developing applications more effectively.

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