Reveal Dashboard

    You can now add a Reveal Dashboard directly from the App Builder Toolbox and specify your URL to the Reveal Server SDK hosting your data. Consider the App Builder as a Client application that gets a baseURL which is the endpoint of your server that the App Builder will send/receive the requests and responses from.

    When the Reveal Dashboard is loaded you can specify a Dashboard name out of the four available options - Marketing, Sales, Campaigns, and Manufacturing. We do host our own server for testing purposes only. Upon export, you will get a reference to our Trial server (base URL) exposing only the Marketing dashboard for demo purposes.


    Read more about Reveal as a business intelligence solution.

    Known issues and limitations

    • Reveal dashboard Code generation is available only for Angular.
    • Only one base URL binding is supported per view. If two or more Reveal dashboards are added to the App Builder View, they should be using the same base URL.
    • Using Custom Theme with font that contains spaces doesn't affect text inside visualizations.
    • App Preview:
      • Reveal View resizing problems when Display scale is different than 100%, noticeable with the vertical/horizontal scrollbar. Workaround: set Padding of the wrapping (parent) Reveal Dashboard. Example with padding of the step container where the reveal dashboard is places.
      • Editing dashboards in App Builder Preview might lead to unexpected errors from the server Unexpected error - Quill is not defined
    • Upon code export:
      • There might be sizing problems when you interact with the dashboard elements and expand/collapse them. The Reveal placeholder is sizing itself properly when the whole browser window is resized, although thats not the case for the internal elements sizing changes.