App Builder - Overview

    App Builder is a design to code solution, enabling design and development teams to quickly and easily design and build real web applications, using professionally-built components to generate production-ready code for Angular, Blazor, Web Components and React.

    Through the App Builder you are able to build pixel-perfect apps incredibly fast, saving huge amounts of design time and getting apps looking exactly like your design. That is a new generation design tool, where designers use the design system approach and a component library, everything designed is running live, dev ready, with high-quality app code. Speaking of production ready code, everything you design results in production ready Angular repository with all it's components, styles, build setup, etc. So, you do the design and check the instant real-time preview, we'll do the code. Since the App Builder is 100% web based, there is no need to download anything, not heavy IDE's, and no 3rd party dependencies. Everything is on the web, accessible by your whole team on any platform.

    Starting your app building experience is fast and easy with one of our pre-built app templates or use one of our preset layout options to build your app in no time. Just tweak our app design, swap a theme and your done! Use pre-configured themes and typography, or customize them to match your own app theme and corporate branding on a per-control, per-screen or per-app basis. Start you new app in the App Builder, build it faster than ever, iterate with new features and get the production-ready code!


    1. Install NodeJS.
    2. Install Visual Studio Code.

    Supported browsers are Chrome, Edge (Chromium), Firefox, Safari MacOS and Mobile Safari. IE11 is not supported.

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